At every stage of Manhattanville campus development, Columbia has made a pioneering commitment to using cutting-edge clean techniques that minimize impact on the environment and local community, while expanding opportunity to a diverse, local workforce.

Clean and Quiet

Columbia and its Manhattanville construction contractors have been widely recognized for extensive efforts to mitigate noise, air pollution, and disruption to local residents. On-site wheel washing using recycled water, portable noise barriers, and regular community communication are part of using best practices in clean and quiet building. Read More >

Diverse Workforce

Over the length of the project, Manhattanville campus construction reflects Columbia’s ongoing commitment to creating significant new economic opportunity for minority, women, and local workers and companies. A top-ten private employer in New York City, the University will create even more jobs for a diverse local community on its new campus in the years to come. Read More >

A Civil Engineering Innovation

How do you manage truck deliveries, trash collection and materials distribution without disturbing the experience of pedestrians at street level? By placing them all underground. The continuous underground space supporting campus operations covers 2 million square feet, and will include loading docks, heating and cooling plants, and other mechanical equipment. As a result, there will be few loading docks and curb cuts at street level, which instead will be characterized by a pedestrian-friendly expanse of tree-lined sidewalks, green spaces and limited truck traffic.

Columbia is a participant in Construction For A Livable City (CLC), an initiative of the New York Building Foundation that promotes efforts by New York City building organizations to manage construction sites more effectively, improve relationships with the surrounding community and recognize innovations—such as the Manhattanville clean construction program—among industry peers.