While Columbia has a wide array of long-standing community-based partnerships and programs serving Upper Manhattan neighborhoods, the University has made an unprecedented commitment of more than $150 million in benefits to the West Harlem community in addition to the local jobs and economic opportunity provided by the new campus.

Benefits We All Share

The new campus plan replaces the post-industrial streetscape of Manhattanville’s old manufacturing area with publicly accessible green space, widened tree-lined sidewalks, retail stores, and restaurants that welcome the entire community to share. From brain science to the arts and business, the new academic centers on campus will feature a wide range of public programming designed for local students, families and businesses. Read More >

Community Services

As part of the Manhattanville campus development, Columbia reached a Community Benefits Agreement with the West Harlem Development Corporation and an agreement with the State of New York—“Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions”—committing to a wide range of benefits and amenities for our community. Read More >

A Tradition of Partnership

Columbia's expanded investment in West Harlem builds on the University's broad and longstanding commitment to partnerships in our community—from faculty members who are among the most eminent scholars of Harlem history and culture, to thousands of students serving and learning in programs that improve the quality of life through medical and dental care, teaching and mentoring, small business mentorship and legal aid. Columbia commits not only funding, but also the time and energy of students, faculty, and staff who work in partnership with a wide array of local organizations that make a difference to people in upper Manhattan.  

“What Columbia is doing is looking to what the University is going to be for the coming century. It’s a different approach, where the walls are permeable, where the interface between community and campus is much more transparent. Columbia is really going to be in the forefront of this. And we’re also lucky to be in the forefront in a community like Harlem.”