Weeks of 9/11/17 and 9/18/17

Project site, aerial view looking northeast, September 8, 2017

What is Happening

Jerome L. Greene Science Center

  • Guard booth installation along W.130th Street

Lenfest Center for the Arts

  • East and west exterior base column nodes completion and painting

University Forum

  • Electrical roughing at the below-grade level, street-level space, and second level
  • Precast installation is substantially complete.  Precast punchlist work is ongoing.
  • Installing storefront hardware at street-level space and curtain wall hardware on levels two and three
  • Mechanical and plumbing roughing at the below-grade, first, and second levels
  • Masonry installation of auditorium walls at level two
  • Pour mechanical pads and prime walls at the below-grade level
  • Installation of hoist beam and steel tube
  • Installing utility electrical conduits under W.129th Street and pulling cable
  • Work to take place on Saturdays for the remainder of the year

Open Space: Small Square and site work on W.129th, W.130th and Broadway around Jerome L. Greene Science Center

  • Continue work in the Woodland Walk
  • Remove site perimeter protection between Jerome L. Greene Science Center and the Lenfest Center for the Arts

Phase 2 Foundations

  • Mass excavation work (westerly portion of site bounded by 12th Ave, W.130th and W.131st streets)
  • Temporary support of excavation work along W.131st Street 
  • Installation of temporary tiebacks beneath Studebaker
  • Load testing for foundation minipiles and installation of production minipiles
  • Install concrete pile caps at west end of site

What to Expect

Construction Activity

  • Regular weekday work hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday work hours: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Material deliveries to site is ongoing

Temporary Traffic and Transportation Impacts

  • No standing on W.125th Street between Broadway and W.129th Street
  • Truck loading only on the west side of Broadway from 129th to 130th streets
  • W.131st Street between Broadway and 615 W.131st Street is closed and will remain closed until the early 2019
  • W.129th Street between Broadway and W.125th Street is closed until December 2017