Weeks of 4/10/17 and 4/17/17

Project site, aerial view looking northeast, April 7, 2017

What is Happening

Jerome L. Greene Science Center

  • Fit out of retail space, southeast quadrant

Lenfest Center for the Arts

  • Installing exterior lights and cameras

University Forum

  • Steel erection was completed on April 5, with a topping-out ceremony taking place. The crane was demobilized from the site.
  • Bolting, plumbing, welding and decking are ongoing
  • A stair tower is being erected to access all floors
  • The jobsite fence is being moved back into place

Open Space: Small Square and site work on W.129th, W.130th and Broadway around Jerome L. Greene Science Center

  • Installation of street light poles on Broadway
  • Installation of benches around the Small Square
  • Installation of curb and sidewalk along W.129th and W.125th streets
  • The north sidewalk on W.129th Street will be temporarily closed, reopening sometime in late April

Phase 2 Foundations

  • Mass excavation work (westerly portion of site bounded by 12th Ave, W.130th and W.131st streets)
  • Temporary support of excavation work along W.131st Street and the Studebaker building
  • Installation of temporary tiebacks and walers at the east soldier pile wall
  • Installation of first level tiebacks at northwest corner of the site
  • Southwest corner: install bracing and welding of steel members
  • Ramp excavation, tieback installation and walers at project site towards 12th Ave, between W.125th and W.130th streets

What to Expect

Construction Activity

  • Regular weekday work hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday work hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Material deliveries to site is ongoing

Temporary Traffic and Transportation Impacts

  • West 129th Street (between Broadway and West 125th Street) has closed. It is anticipated that W.129th Street will reopen in April 2017.  The north sidewalk will be temporarily closed.
  • No standing on W.125th Street between Broadway and W.129th Street
  • No standing zone on the west side of Broadway from 129th to 130th streets
  • W.131st Street between Broadway and 615 W.131st Street is closed and will remain closed until the fall 2018