Youth Internships for Local High School Students

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Youth Internships for Local High School Students


Columbia University provided paid summer internships for high school students from the local community and upper-level students at the Columbia Secondary School (CSS) for Math, Science, and Engineering. The Columbia University Manhattanville High School Summer Internship Program was a structured five-week program designed to provide students with practical work experience before graduation.  

Commencing in 2010, the pilot program began with students from the local community and added students from CSS in 2012 when students reached the upper grades and became age-eligible for such an internship. The internships took place in existing Columbia facilities. 


Five-Year Review and Modifications

Following the initial five years and in coordination with the School’s leadership, CU has modified the internship program to provide a more selective internship to focus on at least one aspect of Science, Technology, Engineering, Environment, Arts and/or Math (STEAM) and basic office etiquette.  Working with various units within the University, the modified internship program will include the following adaptations:

New Title:  Youth Internships

Time frame:  No longer limited to summer weeks.

Program Duration: Varies.  Internships can range from 4 weeks to 9 months depending upon the specific program.

Number of Interns: No fewer than 15 internships comprised of CSS students and/or local community students. 

Internship Locations: Within Columbia University offices and labs

Program Description: CU shall provide no fewer than 15 high school students attending the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering and/or living within the Local Area an opportunity to participate in one of several youth internship programs operated by Columbia University focusing on math, science, engineering and/or the environment/sustainability.  Internship programs vary and are managed by departments, schools and other offices within the University.  The internships will be located on the University’s campuses.

The Internship Program will be reviewed in consultation with ESD with the intent of modifying and/or renewing the program in 2021.

Columbia's Implementation Plan

The most recent Implementation Plan Report submitted to Empire State Development, along with evidence of compliance, is available below:

Implementation Plan Report - Youth Internships for Local High School Students

1. Annual report