Outreach for Disconnected Youth

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Outreach for Disconnected Youth


Columbia University, through its community service partner, Community Impact, targets outreach to identify and engage disconnected youth in the community, ages 16 to 24 who have not completed high school or obtained a GED, in order to enroll them at no cost in existing NYCDOE high school programs or GED programs. Community Impact offers one of New York’s premier GED programs and continues to successfully engage at the community level with disconnected youth.  For youth successfully completing the GED program, CU will make a good faith effort to place qualified youth in positions with CU.  In the event that Community Impact ceases to operate its GED initiatives, CU will identify a position to conduct outreach and coordinate with other organizations offering GED services to the targeted age group.


Youth in the local community, ages 16 to 24, who have not completed high school or obtained a GED.

Columbia’s Implementation Plan

The most recent Implementation Plan Report submitted to Empire State Development, along with evidence of compliance, is available below:

Implementation Plan Report - Outreach for Disconnected Youth

1. Annual report

How to Access

For more information about the program, download the flyer.

For more information about how to access the program, please call (212) 854-4143 or email hd2401@columbia.edu