Minority-, Women- and Locally-Owned (MWL) Businesses and Workforce Participation

Commitment Title

Minority-, Women- and Locally-Owned (MWL) businesses and MWL workforce participation


Columbia University is committed to supporting MWL businesses and workforce participation.

I. Minority, Women and Local (MWL) Goals 

Construction Contracting

  • Columbia University's goal is to award 35 percent of the total dollar value of Phase I Site Development construction subcontracts governed by the PLA to Minority-, Women- and Locally-Owned Business Enterprises (MWLBE), excluding Specialty Construction Services.  (As defined in the CBA, "Specialty Construction Services" shall mean construction services of a unique or special nature and for which there exists a limited number of qualified business entities that can perform such services.  These Specialty Construction Services are specifically listed in CBA - Exhibit E.)

Non-Construction Contracting

  • Columbia University's goal is to award 35 percent of total dollar value of non-construction contracts (excluding academic and research contracts) throughout the life of the Project to MWLBE, provided that “Local” shall include the five (5) boroughs of New York City.

Construction Workforce Participation


II. Construction

  • Columbia University includes non-discrimination and affirmative action obligations in all construction contracts entered into by Columbia or by Columbia contractors or subcontractors relating to the construction of the Project
  • Columbia University uses good faith efforts to unbundle (e.g. divide into smaller bid packages) certain sections of the Construction Work to increase participation by MWLBE’s
  • Columbia University includes in its standard RFP templates (i) a statement indicating that the University is committed to the hiring of qualified Local Residents when possible and (ii) a question seeking information about the vendor’s record and practices in that regard

Columbia’s Implementation Plan

The most recent Implementation Plan Report submitted to Empire State Development, along with evidence of compliance, is available below:

Implementation Plan Report - Minority/Women/Locally (MWL) Owned Businesses and Workforce Participation

1.  Link to Columbia University Facilities MWL Policy

2.  Link to Columbia University Web Statement on Affirmative Action

3.  Exhibits to construction contracts: Minority- and Women- owned Business Enterprises, Locally-based Business Enterprises (M/W/LBEs) Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Requirements in Columbia University Construction

5.  Evidence of efforts to encourage occupancy of ground floor areas by neighborhood retail businesses

How to Access

Construction firms interested in working on the Manhattanville Development project should contact:

For the Business School project: 

Turner Construction Company
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

Construction tradespersons interested in working on the Manhattanville Development project should contact: 

Manhattanville Workforce Team
Phone: (646) 799-4700
Email: CBSProcurement@tcco.com

Applications may be completed online or picked up at the Columbia University Employment Information Center located at 3180 Broadway, New York, NY 10027.