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A commitment to continuing transparency and dialogue with our community and campus.

Columbia University has a long-standing history of working together with our local community, and as we build our Manhattanville campus, we are also expanding and enhancing many programs and services. Two major agreements codify the University's commitment to new investment in our local community. They are the Community Benefits Agreement, in partnership with the West Harlem Development Corporation, and the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions with Empire State Development (ESD).

Highlights of the agreements include:

  • $76 million to fund community benefits for the West Harlem community through the West Harlem Development Corporation
  • $20 million to an affordable housing fund
  • Up to $4 million in housing legal assistance for West Harlem residents
  • $20 million to the Harlem Community Development Corporation (HCDC), an Empire State Development (ESD) subsidiary that plans and facilitates community revitalization
  • More than $400 million paid to date to minority-, women- or locally-owned (MWL) construction trade firms


These commitments are monitored and periodic updates on the University’s progress are submitted to ESD.  In recognition that the University is committed not only to ESD but also to the local community in general, it was determined that progress reports would be made available for anyone wishing to see them.  View the most recent report submitted to ESD.

For the purpose of determining program eligibility, "local community" is defined as neighborhoods in Community Districts 9, 10, 11 and 12, unless otherwise indicated within each individual benefit.

The following agreements contain the University's commitments for Manhattanville project-related amenities and benefits:

In accordance with Section 5.02 of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, ESD has appointed Landair, Inc. as an independent third-party monitor to provide ESD with reports and recommendations concerning Columbia University's compliance with certain commitments under these agreements.

Additional Information

The Implementation Plan Report (IPR) provides an overview of the individual commitment, the start and end dates of the commitment and updated information on the progress.  For more information on each commitment, click on the links within the categories below.

A healthy, thriving community benefits Columbia and its West Harlem neighbors.
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